Promote a vibrant, equitable economy

We have an obligation to promote economic growth and stability, and address our unjust income inequality. As a member of the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor, I will work tirelessly to protect families, students, and workers from stagnant wages and the rising costs of living. This committee touches so much of what we know we need in New Mexico and across our country: a $15 minimum wage, student debt reform, early childhood education, workforce development, strong worker and labor protections, and health care for all.  


  • I fully support raising the federal minimum wage -- everyone who wants to work should be able to have a fulfilling job that pays a good wage. We must invest in education and job-training programs, so that students are job-ready out of high school, expand vocational training opportunities, and eliminate tuition at public colleges and universities for most students, so that our workers are not left with crippling debt years after they complete their schooling. 


  • We must protect Social Security and Medicare. Our seniors worked hard and contributed to these programs over their careers, and New Mexicans deserve to retire with dignity. 


  • It is unacceptable that women make less than their male counterparts doing comparable work. In New Mexico women make 85 cents for every dollar paid to men. Hispanic women make even less, taking in 56 cents for every dollar paid to white men. I am an advocate for equal pay for equal work. 


  • From traders along the Camino Real to Charlie’s Spic and Span in my hometown of Las Vegas, NM, small businesses are a vital part of our communities. As a former small business owner, I will work to support small businesses, and the backbone of our local economies, by cutting red tape that gets in the way, creating access to capital, and providing tax incentives for local businesses instead of giving handouts to large out-of-state corporations.


  • We must also enact paid family leave and ensure affordable child care for our families. As a working mom of three boys, I know this all too well. I am an advocate for allowing New Mexicans the time needed away from work when they have a child, get sick, or a family member is deployed in the military and for providing quality, affordable child care for all New Mexico’s children, as well as working toward a full child care tax credit for middle class families.