A daughter of Northern New Mexico, Teresa will represent the district with a deep understanding of what New Mexico’s communities need.

After receiving my B.A. from Yale University and my J.D. from Stanford, I came home to New Mexico to spend my life in service to the communities I love. I received appointments from Presidents Clinton and Obama and know how federal policy works. I know we must marshal its power to make change in our district and for our world.

I promise to honor your vote with deep respect of what New Mexico’s families need. I will use my experience and our joint vision to accomplish ambitious goals and create a strong, sustainable future for our state and our nation.


Over the next year, I will meet many of you, listen to you and engage in a dialogue about what we must accomplish together. Now is the time!

Ahora es Cuando!

Let me share a little bit about myself and why I will represent you with passion and persistence in Congress. I am...


the little girl who went to Head Start and fell in love with learning…who wants every little girl and boy to have access to early childhood education and public schools that inspire their students to achieve their potential;


the pre-teen who flipped burgers at her Uncle’s rodeo in Villanueva...who wants our ranchers and farmers to stay on their land and help build a green rural economy;


the advocate who helped build health clinics, businesses, and infrastructure...who wants our country to invest in the 21st century infrastructure of broadband, transportation and clean energy that we need for our communities and businesses to prosper;


the acequia commissioner who fought to keep water running in our valley...who wants to make sure New Mexico’s water does not disappear because we did not act to save our planet and build a strong renewable energy economy;


the mother of three amazing sons…who wants our state to build a dynamic and innovative economy that creates fulfilling, well-paying jobs for all our kids here in New Mexico;


the breast cancer survivor whose health coverage could be denied for pre-existing conditions…who wants every person to have affordable and accessible health care;


the family-member that hikes in our beautiful mountains and wilderness…who wants to keep our public lands pristine and protected for generations to come;


the attorney for tribal sovereignty and the advocate for Hispanic cultural expression...who knows New Mexico’s multi-cultural understanding is a model for the nation;


the Homewise Board member…who knows that affordable housing for our teachers, nurses, artists and young families is key to a healthy community;


the community-member you have seen at your parades, fiestas, and Pueblo feast days…who knows that we are strongest and happiest living in a connected community where we care for each other;



a proud daughter of Northern New Mexico...whose mother, Manuelita de Atocha (Mela) Lucero, was a bilingual education pioneer and father, Ray Leger, was a State Senator and educator. 


Service to New Mexico runs deep in my blood. 


  • West Las Vegas High School

  • Yale University, B.A.

  • Stanford Law School, J.D., with distinction



Vice Chair, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Appointed by President Obama. Advised the President and Congress on cultural and historic preservation policy.


White House Fellow

Appointed by President Clinton to one of the nation’s most prestigious leadership and public service programs.


Leger Law and Strategy, LLC.
Worked for 30 years as counsel for tribes and their business entities, as well as with community leaders on affordable housing, Hispanic civil rights and community development. 

  • Fought for and won the voting rights act claims to protect voters from gerrymandered districts in 2001 and 2011.

  • Won the lawsuit that forced the City of Santa Fe to implement the ranked choice voting the citizens had voted into law a decade earlier.

  • Leveraged over $900 million in financing and federal grants to build health clinics, businesses, head start, schools, infrastructure, water and waste water facilities.

  • Lobbied in support of community solar, environmental and education reform.


Community Service


During 20 years as Chair and on the Board, Homewise helped 5 thousand families buy an affordable home.


Former Positions

Commissioner, Las Acequias de Chupadero

We successfully defeated a developer’s attempt to take the acequias’ water out of our valley. Si Agua es Vida; Acequia es Comunidad.


Vice Chair, MALDEF

Defending voting, education and immigrant rights.


New Mexico Community Foundation

Serving community organizations throughout our state.


Vice Chair, National Center on Genome Resources

Bioinformatic sequencing to improve human health and food.


Commissioner, ABA Commission on Women

Breaking the glass ceiling.


Co-Chair, East Palo Alto Law Project

Helped establish and worked at immigration clinic.

President/Actress, La Compania de Albuquerque

A bilingual theater company, a precursor to the National Hispanic Cultural Center.


PO Box 2675

Santa Fe, NM 87504

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