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I believe in -- and have spent my life -- building communities. 


Whether it’s working with Pueblos here in Northern New Mexico to build rural health clinics, raising civil rights issues to ensure that all votes are counted, or helping families afford their first home. 


When you think about this nation’s aspirational foundation -- the pursuit of happiness and a more perfect union -- what it really comes down to is building thriving communities. 


These are key principles of ensuring healthy, vibrant, and inclusive communities.

Fight for Medicare for All and ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care

Champion a humane, comprehensive immigration policy

Prioritize education to provide opportunity to all

Stand up for reproductive freedom

Promote a vibrant, equitable economy

Protect our communities and families from gun violence

Protect our air, land, and water and promote a Green New Deal

Invest in 21st century infrastructure that does not leave rural communities behind

Celebrate and support our diverse communities and histories


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