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Teresa Leger Fernandez Re-Elected to Serve New Mexico’s Third District

November 8, 2022

SANTA FE — Teresa Leger Fernandez decisively won re-election for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District tonight. The AP called the race at 8:51 p.m., M.T.

Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign for Congress released the following statement on her victory in the race for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District:

“Tonight, our communities and gente showed what it looks like to win in rural New Mexico. Together, we have shown that small places can do big things - and that when we listen to each other, we can turn pain into progress. When we listen to each other, we can tackle any problem. To New Mexico voters, thank you for caring for our communities. Thank you for showing up for our democracy. And thank you for electing me, trusting me, and sharing your stories. I promise to carry them with the care and love they deserve to Washington, to deliver for our communities, and to always fight for your families like they were my own. Muchísimas, muchísimas, gracias.” - Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez

Teresa Leger Fernandez Releases Next TV Ad of General Election, Highlighting Her History as a Cancer Survivor and Work to Bring Down Healthcare Costs for New Mexican Families

October 25, 2022

SANTA FE — Today, Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign for Congress released its next ad of the general election - called “Survive” - highlighting her history as a cancer survivor, and her work to bring down health insurance premiums and prescription drug costs for New Mexican families.

“Rep. Leger Fernandez secured historic legislation to finally bring down the cost of prescription drugs by capping out of pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries and allowing Medicare to negotiate down the cost of life-saving medication. The legislation she helped pass will save thousands of New Mexicans their hard-earned dollars in reduced premiums as well. Nobody should be forced to choose between their health and paying bills and putting food on the table. Rep. Leger Fernandez is holding pharmaceutical companies accountable and standing up for seniors and New Mexican families,” said campaign manager Kyra Ellis-Moore.

Transcript, “Survive”:

I didn’t see it coming.
I was raising my children, working full time.
Then I got a diagnosis - cancer.
I only had one choice: to fight.
I’m Teresa Leger Fernandez,
And for me, access to affordable healthcare is personal.
That’s why I’m working to bring down the costs of premiums and life saving drugs.
So families can stay healthy.
I approve this message because a healthy New Mexico is worth fighting for.

Teresa Leger Fernandez’s Campaign Breaks Fundraising Record for New Mexico’s Third Congressional District - Announcing Nearly $850,000 raised in 3rd Quarter, and over $1M cash on hand entering final stretch to Election Day

October 11, 2022

SANTA FE — Today, Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign for Congress announced it has broken the record for funds raised in a quarter in the history of New Mexico’s Third Congressional District - raising nearly $850,000 in the third quarter. Rep. Leger Fernandez enters into the final stretch of the General Election with over $1 million cash on hand.

Rep. Leger Fernandez’s fundraising total is made up of 25,400 contributions from 16,400 donors, with an average individual contribution size of under $25.

“Here in New Mexico, we know it’s all about comunidad. I am grateful for the support I have received from across our district - from Farmington and Gallup, to Hobbs and Roswell, and everywhere in between - and I take this support as a sacred trust and responsibility to continue working hard every day to deliver for New Mexicans. We are energized and mobilized as we enter this final stretch to Election Day,” said Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez.

Teresa Leger Fernandez Releases Fourth TV Ad of General Election, Highlighting Her Work to Bring Down Costs for Hardworking New Mexico Families

October 11, 2022

Today, Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign for Congress released its fourth ad of the general election - called “Chile” - highlighting her work to lower costs for hardworking New Mexico families, by bringing down prescription drug prices, reducing energy costs, and getting affordable water to farmers.

“Rep. Leger Fernandez has worked tirelessly in Congress to lower costs for hard-working New Mexicans. She voted for legislation to lower the cost of gasoline and hold the CEOs of massive corporations accountable for excessive profits at the expense of working families, and she helped pass legislation to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, energy, and child care as well as fix our nation’s supply chain issues, ” said campaign manager Kyra Ellis-Moore.

Thank you to Don Bustos and Santa Cruz Farms for delivering delicious food to families across New Mexico for many generations.

Transcript, “Chile”:

This time of year, there’s a scent in the air.

A tradition passed down through generations.

And with families together again, I’m working to make saving a little easier.

To give families a break, and lower costs.

By capping drug prices for seniors,

Reducing energy bills, and bringing affordable water to farmers.

So everyone can get ahead, and back to what matters most.

Teresa Leger Fernandez Releases Third TV Ad of General Election, Highlighting Her Continued Fight for Accountability and Compensation on Behalf of the Victims of the Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Fire

September 27, 2022

Today, Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign for Congress released its third ad of the general election - called “Homestead” - highlighting her continued fight to bring accountability and compensation on behalf of the victims of the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire.

“Since day one, Congresswoman Leger Fernandez has set out to deliver for the people of New Mexico. And when tragedy struck our district earlier this year, she fought to hold the federal government accountable, successfully securing an independent federal investigation into the Forest Service’s use of prescribed burns and a Presidential Disaster Declaration to unlock disaster aid. Teresa passed her Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire Assistance Act through the House twice in order to fully compensate New Mexicans for damage caused by the fire and is continuing to fight to get the legislation through the Senate, and also secured an increase in federal firefighter pay and cosponsored legislation to expand benefits for firefighters,” said campaign manager Kyra Ellis-Moore.

We are grateful to the Gomez family for sharing their story of loss and hope with New Mexico.

Transcript, “Homestead”:

Our family has worked and lived here since the 1800s.

The fire took so much.

The cattle, my workshop, the house.

It’s been tough, but we have hope, because of Teresa.

She cut through red tape to keep us going.

Teresa is fighting so we can get paid for what we lost.

Having someone that won’t let us down, that is powerful.

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