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Prioritize education to provide opportunity for all

We invest in what we believe in, and I believe in our young people and their future. Access to quality education can transform New Mexico and help us reimagine an American Dream where students from Roswell to Farmington and Gallup to Raton can climb the ladder of opportunity and possibility to unlock their full potential. 

My parents were educators and I saw first-hand how a good education and caring teachers can make a difference in the lives of our children, and the future of our communities. I started my academic career in Head Start. I know how important early-childhood education is - and that the federal government should be leading the way to make sure that all children are given the chance to learn, and a safe, healthy environment to grow in. 

The federal government has a responsibility to help our students succeed through higher education - be that college or university, or apprenticeships and vocational schools. I support reducing the burden of student debt as well as eliminating undergraduate tuition at public colleges and universities for most students. We cannot let our young people join the workforce with crippling student loan debt, which is holding so many back and crippling our economy. As a member of the House Committee on Education and Labor, I have also worked to expand apprenticeships, vocational school opportunities, and job training programs. 

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