All Americans deserve to have access to quality, affordable health care in their communities

We all know someone who we care about who hasn’t gone to the doctor to get something treated because they couldn’t afford the deductible or copay, even though they had insurance. Health care for all means access for all. It means a health care system that isn’t crippled by bankrupting deductibles and copays, allowing drug prices to be negotiable, and ensuring that Americans cannot be discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions. I’m a cancer survivor, and have lost family members to cancer -- our families deserve care regardless of medical history.


Here in Northern New Mexico, access to health care in rural areas is a critical component that cannot be ignored. We need adequate funding for clinics in rural areas, and better incentives for doctors to practice in rural areas, so that all of our community members have access to care in their communities. Health care also means access to behavioral and mental health services, and care and treatment for our families who are impacted by addiction and substance abuse.

Stand up for reproductive freedom

As a mother and breast cancer survivor, I believe that Planned Parenthood and community health centers must be supported and fully funded so that contraception is available and affordable, and breast and cervical cancer screenings are routinely provided. Women must have access to basic preventive health care that keeps them and, in turn, our families and communities healthy and thriving.


I fully support reproductive freedom. The decisions that we make about our bodies, our families, and our futures are deeply personal -- and those decisions must be protected, respected, and free from government interference. I also believe that women whose health care is covered through Medicaid must be able to exercise these rights and make decisions about their health that are right for them.