Protect our air, land, and water for generations to come

Here in New Mexico, we know how important the land is to who we are as a people. And we know that climate change is an existential crisis. We must reduce carbon pollution, rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, and invest in renewable energy resources like wind and solar, as well as clean energy tax incentives.


I have spent years raising renewable energy issues on behalf of New Mexico’s communities. I helped defeat the Fence Lake Coal Mine, started environmental programs, and served with coalitions for sustainable futures. As a member of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources, I will work to pass sustainable, long-term solutions and protect our water, air, and beautiful public lands.

My family owns ranch land in el norte, and we recognize the value of regenerative agriculture. So much of who I am, and my ties to my family, is sustained through our connections to this beautiful land we call home. That’s true for all of us who call New Mexico home, and we must act to protect and preserve this for our children and future generations.